Bowler Farms    -    SALES LIST
Babies are sold with all of their preliminary shots, worming, preventative coccidia treatment and they are microchipped.
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Many of the babies seen on our home page are available for sale.


Only a few does left for sale, hurry before they are all placed

Bowler Farms Chase-buck-04-12-08 (grey agouti)
Desert Suns Minute Man-buck 04-02-05 (black agouti)
Bowler Farms Samson (black agouti, brother to PGCH Bowler Farms Saturn)
Iron Creek Delta Dude (light grey agouit)
Bowler Farms Handsome (caramel)
Bower Farms AntonWhillie (black agouti)
Bowler Farms FranklyFablous  (belted dark grey agouti)
Bowler FarmsLegacy (black agouit)