What is ease of kidding?

Many people talk about ease of kidding these days, and in fact it was one of the things we wanted to know about when we first got into goats. What we discovered, was there are lots, and lots of different definitions of "Ease of kidding." For some breeders it means their does have not had to have many C-Sections, either due to severely restricting the calories their does are allowed, or because the breeder has become very skillful in pulling kids. This is not our definition of ease of kidding.
Our definition of an easy kidder, is one who can deliver her own babies, while we stand at the gate of the pen and watch. Will there be times we have to assist, of course, but if these times are frequent, the doe is cut from our breeding population. She will then go on to have a full life as a pet, but not as a breeder.

A Bowler Farms doe should be able to eat all she needs to maintain her body weight during pregnancy, and produce well fleshed kids at birth, and she should have lots of milk for those babies. In other words she should be able too just about eat all
she wants or needs, and still deliver a live baby(s), positioned correctly without the assistance of a vet.

We here at Bowler Farms believe it is our responsibility as breeders to track the kidding histories of our animals and make the hard decisions in order to improve our line, and the Pygmy Goat as a breed. We make this information available (the good and the bad) to our customers, in order that they can make informed decisions about whether or not to breed a doe purchased from us.The big bonus for our buyers, is we can provide this supreme effort without sacrificing confirmation.